Kuukausiarkisto: lokakuu, 2011

It’s the floating children.

Check more out at the:



(..and if I wanted to live in New York)

I would buy this flat…


What is going to happen to all of those sweet little angels.

Children will now grow up o be criminals, have sex before marriage, use drugs, smoke cigarettes and possibly make a suicide before they get to their teens..

poor children and all of this just because they had to make a Barbie with those marks of DEVIL (tattoos)!!!!

Where are the good old days when barbies only caused anorectic and bulimic teens…


Really it’s so cool that somebody has finally awaken to this century…slowly slowly, but we are getting there!!!!!!!!






(Click on image to make it bigger)

Get your shades out, these glitter babes are gonna blind u with their dazzling fabulosity!!!


Production line is getting heated up…too much work unfinished.

It will be a long night of tea ’n’ skulls.




Garage day: Listahittinä Paint It Black.


Leopard attack..20 meters of this damn cat on the walls.. now we can move on to another kind of wallpaper yeppii…