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Näyttökuva 2013-09-20 kohteessa 20.55.24Human fat was mentioned in European pharmacopoeias since the 16th century as an

important fatty component of quality deemed ointments and other pharmaceuticals in Europe.

In traditional medicine in Europe, human fat was believed to have a healing magic significance until the 19th century.

Many executioners recovered the fat called ”Armsünderfett” (German for fat or grease from poor executed siners)

from the bodies of their executants and sold it.

For some executioners the marketing of human fat was a major source of revenue.

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The human fat was used to make ointments for treatment of various diseases such as bone pain, toothache and gout.

Since the late 19th Century, human fat,

were produced and offered under the trade name Humanol as a sterile,

liquified preparation for injections in Germany.

In 1909 it was introduced for surgical treatment of scars, wound disinfection, and wound revisions. In the 1920s it became out of fashion after low cure rates and the incidence of fat embolisms caused by its application.

Until the 1960s various manufacturers offered alleged wrinkle creams for external use

containing human fat from placentas collected from midwives and obstetric departments for industrial purposes.








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Näyttökuva 2013-09-09 kohteessa 11.11.04Kesän ajan pyöri Adlibriksellä Naisen iholla-kirjan kilpailu.

Tarjolla oli esim. kaksi 100 euron arvoista lahjakorttia liikkeeseemme.

Kilpailu on nyt päättynyt ja onnellisiksi voittajiksi on julkaistu

Karoliina Suoniemi Tampereelta sekä

Heidi Oksanen Piispanristiltä.

Mahtis-onnittelut molemmille! Lahjakorttinne on laitettu tänään postiin.

On July 12, 1993 the flood waters that were ravaging the Missouri River Valley topped the levee at the south entrance of the cemetery and dug a “blue hole” in the center of the cemetery 90 ft. deep and destroying two-thirds of the cemetery. When the water receded two-thirds of the cemetery was destroyed. It was determined that 793 of the 1576 burials were displaced. With the help of the Missouri Funeral Directors Association, under the leadership of Dean Snow, Ray County Coroner, 645 remains were recovered. 120 of the recovered bodies were identified and reburied. The 525 bodies that were not identified were buried in a section of the cemetery now referred to as the Unknown Section. A Memorial Service was held December 5, 1993 to remember these loved ones.

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Gotta loov this page on facebook.

Crazy shit they have taken as medication back in the days.

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Tout sur l’opium, les fumeurs d’opium , l’absinthe. Pour vous faire partager quelques ”trésors” (livres, gravures, photos, cartes postales et.)
C’est le côté esthétique, artistique, voire ésotérique (si si !), avec son cérémonial, ses merveilleux objets qui, pour l’opium, m’intéresse.
La ”défonce”, la drogue, ne me concernent en rien.
J’y ai ajouté, le cannabis médical, les vins toniques etc …

2 sites web ( mais plus aucune mise à jour) :


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